We go the extra mile for our transportation clients. Since the early 1900s, our knowledge and experience have expanded with the growing complexity of our clients’ needs.

Today, our team defends transportation industry leaders, including trucking, railroad, shipping and aviation, across the state and the nation. Our Accident Rapid Response Team is available 24/7 to oversee scene inspections, debrief drivers and direct on-scene investigations.

Wright Lindsey Jennings’ defense of the transportation industry dates back to 1900 when the Rock Island Railroad hired the firm’s founder as its legal counsel. With the advent of the tractor-trailer industry, our firm began handling truck wreck litigation. As the transportation industry has grown in scope and complexity, our firm’s expertise has expanded to meet the industry’s needs. Today, our Trucking and Transportation attorneys defend transportation industry leaders in truck and bus cases in every state and federal court in Arkansas.

Given the importance of rapid investigation of accidents, the firm maintains an Accident Rapid Response Team always staffed by at least 7 lawyers, providing clients with 24-hour access to legal assistance with expertise in overseeing scene inspections by adjusters, in debriefing drivers and in directing experts in on-scene investigations immediately following collisions, as well as after litigation ensues.