We are a proud partner with rising professional athletes, helping them negotiate, execute and enforce contracts and endorsements, while also managing the financial implications of life in professional sports. 

We offer one of the few contract advisors in the State of Arkansas certified by the NFL Players Association, and our ultimate goal is to help our clients realize their full potential - both on and off the field. 

Wright Lindsey Jennings is passionate about sports and our athletes. Judy Simmons Henry is one of only three contract advisors in the State of Arkansas certified by the NFL Players Association. With the support of the Wright Lindsey Jennings Sports Law Group, Henry represents, advises, counsels and assists eligible players in the negotiation, execution and enforcement of playing contracts.

For NFL prospects, she offers assistance to the draft eligible player with decisions from date of eligibility in declaring for the draft, through the NFL Combine, college Pro Day and visibility with NFL clubs through the draft process and in free agency. In addition to working through the draft process and contract negotiations, Wright Lindsey Jennings offers a full range of services focused on the rising professional athlete such as tax consultation, real estate transactions, trust and estate planning, endorsement and licensing negotiations and protection of trademarks, among other intellectual property rights.

With a distinctive client-focused approach, we work to create and maximize personal and professional growth, endorsement opportunities and public awareness for our athletes on and off the field, while adhering to the strictest ethical standards and legal rules, including those established by the NFLPA and under State law.

We are committed to representing our athletes to the fullest from start to finish. Our athletes value our robust relationships within the industry. We seek to enhance our clients’ communication skills and marketability to increase their earning potential beyond the playing field. We also recognize the importance of planning for life after sports. Put simply, Wright Lindsey Jennings is dedicated to realizing our clients’ full potential both on and off the field.