Startups & Technology

“Groundbreaking and innovative” meets “compliant and legally sound.”

We serve a wide range of startup and technology clients in virtually all areas of the law, from corporate formation and investments to intellectual property and employment concerns.

Wright Lindsey Jennings is proud to offer services to small businesses and startups from the moment the business is conceived and throughout the lifetime of the company. At WLJ, we know that a strong foundation is essential to the vitality and success of a company, and we have the knowledge and expertise to work with new companies to establish this strong foundation.

We advise and counsel clients on the most basic aspects of business formation—from forming the entity itself to developing a corporate governance plan that works best for the client’s specific needs—to some of the more challenging parts of running a successful business, such as dealing with employment disputes and navigating the waters of potential mergers and acquisitions.

We understand that in a consumer-driven market with strong, competitive players, the success of a business relies heavily on the products and ideas at the center of the business. Our attorneys have the unique ability to not only secure protection for your inventions, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property (IP), but to also enforce your rights against individuals or companies who infringe on the competitive advantage awarded to your business by those IP rights. Our clients also seek our advice and expertise in developing licensing agreements so their business can monetize the rights they’ve secured.

Within this industry sector, our team serves a diverse group of technology-focused entrepreneurs, including developers, licensors, licensees, and buyers and sellers of new and existing technology. Our attorneys have extensive experience with the needs of complex technology businesses in fields such as telecommunications and manufacturing. We support these clients across virtually all of our service areas, including corporate structuring, capital raising and investments, IP protection, technology transfer and joint venture agreements, and various types of litigation.

Whether you’re looking for general counsel for your growing business or need experienced attorneys to handle a specific business-related task, we have the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of both you and your business.