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We are proud to offer services to small businesses and startups from the moment the business is conceived and throughout the lifetime of the company.

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Tech Law

Tech Law

Groundbreaking and innovative meets compliant and legally sound.

At WLJ Tech Law, we know that a strong foundation is essential to the vitality and success of a company, and we have the knowledge and expertise to work with new companies to establish this strong foundation.

99 % percentage of startups and small businesses

The percentage of startups and small businesses within the total business landscape in Arkansas.

2018 WLJ Tech Law established

WLJ Tech Law was established with an office in the Little Rock Tech Park to serve technology companies, startups and small businesses.

Within this industry sector, our team serves a diverse group of technology-focused entrepreneurs, including developers, licensors, licensees, and buyers and sellers of new and existing technology.

Whether you’re looking for general counsel for your growing business or need experienced attorneys to handle a specific business-related task, we have the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of both you and your business.

Here are some things to consider:

Intellectual Property Law

Have you created any product or service that may qualify for a patent or trademark?

  • Patents allow you to exclude others from “knocking off” your products or services.
  • Trademarks protect the reputation you develop with your customers, including your brand identity, logo, etc.

Corporate Law

  • Are you structured as an entity and, if so, is it the right structure for your business?
  • Are you currently raising capital or do you anticipate needing to raise capital?
  • Are your contracts with your vendors or partners legally sound and enforceable?

Employment Law

  • Are you familiar with the state and federal laws that apply based on the number of employees that you have?
  • Do you have any written policies or procedures that define your employer/employee relationships?

To set up a free consultation, contact us or come see us at the Little Rock Tech Park.

417 Main Street, 1st Floor
Little Rock, AR 72201

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