Charitable and Tax-Exempt Organizations

In addition to our attorneys serving and leading in local and national nonprofits, public and private foundations, and churches, Wright Lindsey Jennings assists many of these same organizations as their trusted legal counsel.

Our attorneys offer a full spectrum of legal services to ensure our nonprofit and tax-exempt clients grow, innovate, and thrive in the face of increasing regulatory and marketplace challenges.

As the legal landscape for Nonprofits and Tax-Exempt Organizations evolves, our clients find value in partnering with attorneys who not only understand their legal issues but also appreciate their organization’s purpose. Wright Lindsey Jennings is privileged to be the trusted partner to clients of all sizes who bridge the spectrum of educational, religious, philanthropic, civic and trade organizations. Whether you are seeking to transform an idea into a meaningful tax-exempt organization or you serve with an established nonprofit facing complex tax and compliance issues, Wright Lindsey Jennings has the resources and support necessary to cultivate client-focused and creative solutions to meet any organization’s needs.

Industry-focused services include:


Our experienced tax attorneys regularly advise business entities, individuals and tax-exempt organizations on taxation questions and matters related to taxation, such as business and individual tax planning and mergers and acquisitions (both taxable and non-taxable). In addition, charitable and tax-exempt entities, estate planning, estate and gift taxation, trust and probate are areas in which we have extensive experience. We can answer both state and federal tax questions relevant to Subchapter C and S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, individuals, trusts, estates and tax-exempt entities.

We serve clients in state and federal tax audits and appeals as well as in tax litigation matters in state and federal court. Individuals in need of estate planning matters also utilize our knowledge of revocable and irrevocable life insurance and charitable trusts and in probate of decedents’ estates.

Other clients include a significant number of tax-exempt entities in the religious, healthcare and charitable sectors, whom we assist not only with routine questions concerning operations of tax-exempt entities, but also in preparation of applications and documentation necessary to obtain a tax-exempt determination from the Internal Revenue Service. We likewise assist our tax-exempt clients in matters involving construction and expansion, and financing issues. By tapping into the firm’s expansive attorney groups, we collectively structure and document mergers, acquisitions, tax-exempt municipal bond financings and tax-deferred and non-recognition exchange transactions.

First Amendment Law

Wright Lindsey Jennings is passionate about protecting the First Amendment rights of our clients. Our First Amendment practice focuses on a broad collection of claims relating to freedom of speech, the right to petition and freedom of religion set forth in the U.S. Constitution, state constitutions and various statutes relating to these rights. For any business entity or individual, our attorneys represent, advise, counsel and assist in defending First Amendment rights.

Our representation in free speech litigation includes challenges to governmental action in some form that entrusts upon the rights of free speech such as restraints on publication, defamation, invasion of privacy and other torts such as infliction of emotional distress, fraud and misrepresentation and tortious interference. These issues may arise with respect to both individuals and businesses, including the press.

First Amendment litigation involving freedom of religion encompasses the free exercise of religion. We are prepared to handle a variety of issues including the right to religious speech in various forums, such as traditional public forums and at public institutions. With Wright Lindsey Jennings’ First Amendment practice, there is security in knowing that your attorney has the resources necessary to handle these important matters and protect your rights.

Church Law

Churches face unique legal issues that require a team who can provide timely and straightforward solutions. At Wright Lindsey Jennings, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to serve churches facing a diverse array of legal issues. Some of our attorneys’ more recent experience includes providing guidance on compliance issues involving zoning ordinances, reviewing a congregation’s policies and procedures concerning mandatory reporting incidents, and providing advice on the scope and applicability of the religious privilege under the Arkansas Rules of Evidence. Our attorneys also frequently assist area churches with construction, expansion and real estate transactions; financing, operations and compensation concerns; corporate governance, tax issues, incorporation and formation; employment issues; and litigation, among many other legal services.