Regulated Industries

Our attorneys assist professionals in navigating state agency regulations to achieve their goals.

On behalf of clients, we regularly appear before various administrative agencies, including the Alcohol Beverage Control Board, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Human Services, Insurance Commission, Medical Board and Pharmacy Board.

Many of our clients are engaged in businesses or professions that are regulated by state or federal agencies and commissions. In serving those clients, we engage in administrative practice before a wide variety of state and federal agencies, ranging from utilities to environmental issues to labor and employment. We also have extensive experience in public utility regulation, particularly in the areas of electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, transportation and municipal waterworks, as well as in regulatory matters involving the environment, occupational safety, labor relations and health care.

Our attorneys routinely appear before the Arkansas Public Service Commission, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, the Pollution Control and Ecology Commission, the Workers’ Compensation Commission and the Arkansas Racing Commission.