WLJ e-Discovery Solutions

WLJ’s e-Discovery team offers innovative solutions and competitive rates to help our clients manage electronically-stored information.

Whether we serve as lead counsel or provide support as a document review team, WLJ attorneys are proficient in all stages and aspects of pre-litigation preparation involving large-scale data.

e-Discovery Services

Wright Lindsey Jennings’ e-Discovery team counsels clients on a variety of discovery-related issues regarding record retention, data destruction and litigation hold policies. Our firm offers a thorough and practical approach to data protection, collection, search and production. Preparedness is pertinent in any litigation matter, but the impact of new and emerging technologies heightens the need for flawless pre-trial research. Our dedication to pre-trial preparation generates a distinct competitive advantage for our clients. WLJ offers competitive, reasonable rates and alternative pricing models.

We have extensive experience handling large-scale data collection and production in complex litigation. The firm’s e-Discovery team, comprised of individuals with both legal and technological backgrounds, is available to provide clients hands-on assistance in the preservation and collection of data. Our e-Discovery attorneys provide a unique set of skills to support our clients in the discovery process, while the firm’s information technology specialists have the experience and knowledge necessary to deploy tailored IT solutions to assist clients throughout the duration of our legal service.

Our e-Discovery team is well-positioned to assist in any type of matter, including cases where WLJ is not lead counsel. Where a traditional model is required or appropriate, we will work with your lead counsel to develop suitable search terms and review protocols. With up to 20 WLJ attorneys and two project managers available to manage and staff a document review team at any given time, we are able to handle many document reviews using our attorneys. Alternatively, where the scale of the project or cost-efficiencies weigh in favor of using contract lawyers, we will train and manage a team of contract lawyers, with WLJ attorneys providing second level review/quality control. The e-Discovery team also has experience using Technology Assisted Review (TAR), which has proven to be a more cost-efficient alternative to traditional attorney-review in some cases.

In a recent engagement involving more than 15 related lawsuits, we assisted our client in collecting electronically-stored information (ESI) from nearly 100 custodians, resulting in the collection of 7.5 million electronically-stored files. Search terms were applied to more than 4 million electronically-stored files, and the 1 million documents returned by those terms were then reviewed by a team of 18 WLJ attorneys and 35 contract attorneys. Ultimately, more than 250,000 documents were produced to opposing counsel.