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Antwan D. Phillips

Wright Lindsey Jennings partner Antwan D. Phillips presented a session at the Arkansas Trucking Seminar titled “Looking at the World Through A Windshield: Your Driver” on Thursday, September 19, in Rogers, Arkansas. This annual seminar focuses on educating and networking trucking and transportation stakeholders concerning litigation and business practices which affect the industry. Drawing on shared resources and experiences, the Arkansas Trucking Seminar offers a unique opportunity to learn from peers engaged in trucking litigation.

Phillips has a trial-oriented practice, which includes premises liability, products liability, dental malpractice and trucking litigation. A Little Rock native, he has dedicated his free time to serve a number of nonprofits that focus on improving the lives of children, public education and overall quality of life in Little Rock. His community involvement has also helped establish and grow his municipal governmental relations practice, through which Phillips represents a number of municipal entities and county and city governments on a variety of legal and financial issues.