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Black lives matter. Black livelihoods matter. Wright Lindsey Jennings has a longstanding commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity – within the firm, within the practice of law and within the communities where we live, serve and work. We believe in justice and the rule of law– it’s why we do what we do. But we know that is not enough. We know that we must stand as allies and advocates to the black community, and we are committed to doing the work to ensure equal access to justice for all.

In 1957, we publicly denounced segregation at Little Rock Central High School, joining in “A Statement From Lawyers” published in Little Rock newspapers and calling on citizens to “join with us in an effort to preserve free public education in our city.” At that pivotal moment in history, we took a stand, raised our voices and amplified the voices of others. Today, more than fifty years later, the moment is no less critical. Silence is not an option.

To support the fight against racism and systemic inequality, we are making a two year commitment to help fund the Social Justice Institute’s Fellowship Program at Philander Smith College. We know that this commitment is part of greater effort in the collective voice for change in all our communities. Our firm knows that there is work to do and we will continue to listen and stand with those working to promote equity and equality.