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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (March 28, 2023) – Wright Lindsey Jennings (WLJ) announced today the launch of a new mediation practice, WLJ Resolution, led by partners Scott Irby in Northwest Arkansas and Rodney Moore in Little Rock. Irby and Moore completed a certificate program in Mediation Skills Training at Northwestern University and are certified to mediate by the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission. Both Irby and Moore are Certified Mediators for Arkansas Circuit Courts Civil Division, and Moore is also certified for Probate Division.

“The use of mediation by litigants and those involved in business disputes continues to increase in popularity, in part because the process allows the parties to maintain more control over the ultimate outcome,” Irby said. “Our goal with WLJ Resolution is to facilitate resolution by fully understanding the common dispute and interests of the parties.”

With a combined 40+ years of experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in the courtroom, Irby and Moore are seasoned and respected attorneys who understand the uncertainty, expense and risk associated with litigation. They bring credibility and insight to their role as mediators, positioning them well to assist parties in facilitating mutually agreeable resolutions to disputes. 

“Mediation presents an opportunity to creatively explore resolutions in a way not afforded in the trial process,” Moore adds. “Through a facilitative mediation process, parties are able to craft more fitting and efficient resolutions than those imposed upon them at trial – often with substantial savings in cost and time.”    

To contact WLJ Resolution, call 501-492-5300 or email