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Meredith Lowry

Todd Jones, a contributor and content manager for Talk Business & Politics’ Start Up, Technology and Entrepreneurship site sat down with Wright Lindsey Jennings intellectual property attorney Meredith Lowry to talk about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Arkansas. Four Questions With Attorney, Entrepreneur Meredith Lowry

Meredith Lowry’s practice principally involves various aspects of intellectual property, including patent litigation, trademark litigation, and computer technology. Since 2005, she has assisted a variety of inventors from individual entrepreneurs to large companies in their efforts to obtain patent, trademark and copyright protection and has also worked with such clients to protect those assets and defend against allegations of infringement. Lowry assists clients in the transfer and licensing of rights of intellectual property, including technology transfer agreements and due diligence, as well as in trademark prosecution and patent prosecution. Meredith is a registered patent attorney. Before joining the firm Lowry was a partner at Smith Hurst.