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Woman-Run connects current and aspiring woman business leaders and owners through networking, mentorship, education and resources that address the unique needs of women in business.

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Woman-Run is a statewide initiative of Wright Lindsey Jennings, a law firm that has long served as advisor and advocate to woman- and minority-owned businesses.

Our firm is proud to have strong female leadership and attorneys who can relate to the challenges of being a woman business leader in the male-dominated business world.  We created Woman-Run after identifying that our clients needed an environment where women and minority business leaders and owners can network, find mentorship, collaborate and support one another.

Woman-Run hosts events across Arkansas where attendees can hear from speakers on a range of topics relevant to them, as well as network and find mentorship opportunities with other attendees.

More information about Wright Lindsey Jennings’ work advising and advocating for women- and minority-owned businesses can be found here.

Meet Our Community Partners

WLJ and its community partners will host events around the state that help woman-run business connect and grow.

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