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Clothes-minded? We can help.

As e-commerce sites like Shopify and Etsy offer everyday entrepreneurs the ability to launch a business and sell their own products, the number of t-shirt and apparel businesses is skyrocketing. Wright Lindsey Jennings’s attorneys can help you secure trademark protection for your new business.

Bespoke solutions for apparel businesses. Don’t DIY your trademarks.

Online trademark filing services are being paid to act as a middle man, without any thought or consideration for the legal implications of your trademark application. And that can be especially problematic for clothing brands.

With our team of experienced trademark attorneys, we can help you protect your business from costly mistakes.

The Difference

In a crowded field, what sets Wright Lindsey Jennings apart from the rest?

67 Size of Firm
4 IP Attorneys
58 Years' IP Experience
120 Years of Service
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Wright Lindsey Jennings is uniquely qualified to assist businesses in enforcing their patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, as well as defending against claims of infringement.

Avoid complications. Let our Trademark Team protect your ideas.

Like a lot of things—a little effort at the beginning can save a lot of headache, and heartache, down the road. Our trademark attorneys have filed hundreds of federal trademark applications, including many for apparel-related goods and services.

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We know how to put your application in a good position for registration. That’s because we not only know trademark law, but we also work to know your business.

Trademark law is about protecting who you are. Who you are is what we do, and we’re ready to work with you.

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